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Sushi for Christmas: No problem thanks to KYOCERA

Kyoto/Neuss − Sushi is not only very tasty, it also increases your life expectancy, as was found in a study carried out by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo. This makes sushi a perfect alternative to greasy holiday classics such as duck, goose or roast. However, most people do not have the right knives to prepare sushi themselves. This is where the ceramic knife experts come in.


Kyocera makes knives for master chefs

Dan Anderson uses Kyocera ceramic knives. The multi award-winning chef slices and dices with a cut of the finest blades at Anderson´s Bar and Grill in Birmingham

Kyoto/Neuss − Experience, precision, creativity, quality and fast processing are key requirements in top restaurants such as Anderson´s Bar and Grill. As these characteristics perfectly match with the features of Kyocera ceramic knives and kitchen accessories, the Japanese company provides kitchen tools for the head chef of one of Britain’s premier steak houses. From filleting and slicing to carving – sharp blades and knives create the foundation for a great menu. These are exactly the special features Kyocera knives are known for: The extreme sharpness of the blades, cutting quality and easy cleaning turn cooking into a treat and make them ideal for carving boneless meat as well as cutting fruits and vegetables.


Kyocera will present its new Fuji and Kizuna knife series at Ambiente 2016

From 12 to 16 February, the Japanese ceramic knife expert will present its new innovations alongside other products at the world’s most internationally important consumer goods trade fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt, Germany (Hall 3.1, Stand A40).

Kyoto/Neuss − Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and is held in utmost reverence in the country. The boundless respect for this national sanctuary was what inspired the development of the Fuji knife series. With its traditional, octagon-shaped pakkawood handle, the knife is extremely comfortable to hold. The white ceramic blade complements the elegance of the pakkawood handle, giving the knife a pure look and feel, and turns cooking into a joy. Kyocera’s Fuji knives will be available in specialist shops from January, in sizes of 13 cm, 15 cm and 17 cm. Depending on the size, the recommended retail price is 74,99 €, 84,99 € and 94,99 €.


Kyocera presents innovative ceramic fry pans at the 2015 Ambiente consumer goods trade fair

The innovative fine ceramic special coating means dishes prepared with fry pans can be made more quickly with optimum heat. The ceramic fry pans from Kyocera are now available in Europe in four different sizes.

Kyoto/Neuss − Japanese technology company Kyocera, the leading provider of fine ceramic products and components, will be presenting its high-quality kitchen products at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt from February 13-17, 2015 (hall 3.1, booth A40). This marks the first time that Kyocera’s new ceramic fry pan (CFP) series will be on display at the world’s most important consumer goods trade fair. The aluminum body of the cookware is coated with the company’s innovative, high-performance ceramic. This proprietary development conducts heat significantly faster and distributes it more evenly than conventional coatings.


Kyocera ranked highest in the ceramic knives category by consumer organization Stiftung Warentest

The Kyocera FK-180WH-BK received top marks for the sharpness of its blade, cutting quality and easy cleaning

Kyoto/Neuss − The Professional Chef’s Knife from Kyocera was rated “good” (2.3) by consumer organization Stiftung Warentest. This is the best rating awarded to any of the ceramic knives in Stiftung Warentest’s latest test of chef’s knives. A major factor that contributed to this result was how well the knife scored (rating: “good”/1.8) in the subcategory “Cutting, chopping, mincing,” which assesses the sharpness of the blade and its cutting quality. It is weighted more than any other subcategory. The ceramic knife from Kyocera also received top marks in the subcategory “Cleaning” with a rating of “good” (1.7), as it can be safely washed in the dishwasher with no hassle.



Stylish, handy, uncomplicated: the new mandoline slice and grate set and ceramic peelers from Kyocera will help you master even the most stressful Christmas cooking

Kyoto/Neuss − Whether in the run up to Christmas or over the holiday period, peeling carrots and potatoes and grating cheese may not be the most popular kitchen jobs, but they are still an essential part of the festive season. With its colorful new kitchen accessories, Kyocera is brightening up these tasks. Its peelers are suitable for left- and right-handed users, because the double-edged blade means they can be used to peel in any direction. The new mandoline slice and grate set also provides the solution to some age-old kitchen problems: the julienne slicer and grater come as a set with a storage box that doubles as a container for the sliced and grated food. The silicone studs on the underside of the storage box prevent it from slipping while you are grating, making the work far more comfortable. The set also includes a finger guard.



Amongst strong competition, the jury of Germany's most prestigious design award was won over by the knives of Kyocera’s Japan series

Kyoto/Neuss − The motto of the Red Dot award for outstanding product design is “in search of excellence.” This year that search led the organizers of the renowned award to Kyocera. The company’s Japan series ceramic knives were recognized with the Red Dot award. The quality seal, which is coveted by manufacturers and product designers, was awarded to the Japanese company for its “well-considered and innovative entry.”



The highest quality and outstanding design – these are the qualities that have set Kyocera's premium ceramic knives apart for over 30 years. To mark the anniversary, Kyocera will present a limited edition of its FK-140WH-S knife, with a production run of just 5,000. The ceramic knife experts will be showing the limited edition knife, along with their other products, at Ambiente, the leading international consumer goods trade fair (Hall 3.1, Stand A40) from 7 to 11 February in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kyoto/Neuss − Kyocera is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium ceramic knives. Its products have become firmly established in the market thanks to their long life, outstanding sharpness and elegant design – continuing to attract the attention of both professional chefs and consumers alike.

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